Editing for Authors

I've been an editor for more than 15 years, working on all sorts of inspiring projects and content, for all sorts of inspiring people and publishers. After such a long time, and with loads of experience under my belt, my joy now lies with books, and my approach to editing has evolved into a heart-led combination of technical editing and intuitive reading.

I'll dive into your manuscript armed with a bright red pen, an open mind and a positive attitude. I use a critical, trained eye to identify where your writing can be better, and refined professional instincts to find those parts of your content that need more exploration. At the same time, I point out all the things you do well and all the ways you're killing this author gig (which is tough, I know).

I understand how important your book is to you, and I'll treat it with care and constructive kindness. I'm especially keen to work with you on these types of non-fiction manuscripts:

narrative non-fiction
food, recipes and cookbooks
nutrition, holistic health and wellbeing
spirituality and intuition
parenting, family and relationships
interior design and decorating
renovating, crafts and DIY projects



Often the first, and most affordable, professional editing service for authors (both new and experienced) is the manuscript assessment. This broad evaluation of the nuts and bolts of your book is sometimes referred to as a manuscript appraisal, and it's a high-level critique of the major moving parts of your manuscript.

A manuscript assessment is delivered as a written report of between 1000 and 3000 words. It is an overview of my editorial feedback, including its suitability for the target market, a review of its themes and recognition of positive aspects of your work. I'll also provide notes on plot, structure and pacing, clarity and continuity, world building, voice and language, and character development, as well as those elements that require revision. I will offer suggestions for further editing or best next steps to get your book ready to publish.

A manuscript assessment is suited to manuscripts that have been self-edited. A manuscript assessment does not include correction of errors (spelling, punctuation or grammar), or line editing.

SCHEDULING: 14 days per 75,000 words
RATES* (AUD): $10 per 1000 words (or part thereof)


Not quite a beta read, not quite a developmental edit, my content review lands at that sweet spot between the two. I'll read your book and, using inline comments in Microsoft Word, give generous feedback on your content from the perspective of a reader wearing her editor's hat.

A content review is one round of top-level feedback, and will include my reactions as a reader (the good and the bad), my big-picture suggestions as an editor and inline responses to any specific questions or concerns you have about your book or your writing.

A content review is best suited to material that has been through more than one round of drafting. A content review does not include correction of errors (spelling, punctuation or grammar), or line editing.

SCHEDULING: 14 days per 75,000 words
RATES* (AUD): $20 per 1000 words (or part thereof)


Structural editing addresses the organisation of your manuscript. I'll assess whether your content is set out in a way that makes it easy to read and understand, and offer suggestions on how the structure can be improved.

Structural editing is one round of suggested changes using Track Changes and inline comments in Microsoft Word.

A structural edit is best suited to manuscripts that have been reviewed by beta readers or critique partners.

SCHEDULING: 14 days per 75,000 words
RATES* (AUD): $35 per 1000 words (or part thereof)


Line editing is all about structure on a sentence level. I'll look at your writing and find ways to tighten, sharpen and strengthen your prose. I'll also correct spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, suggest ways to improve clarity and descriptions, and pick up repetition.

Line editing is one round of suggested changes and corrections using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. I also use inline comments to add high-level developmental feedback related to character, language, dialogue, pacing and plot.

A line edit is best suited to manuscripts that have been reviewed by beta readers or critique partners and have already been self edited.

SCHEDULING: 14 days per 75,000 words
RATES* (AUD): $40 per 1000 words (or part thereof)


Copyediting addresses technical and literal errors in your writing. I will correct mistakes in spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalisation and word usage.

Copyediting is one round of suggested corrections using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. I may also add general feedback using inline comments.

You should be happy with the structure of your book as well as the standard and style of your writing before you submit it for a copyedit. If you'd like feedback on sentence structure and prose, you may like to consider a line edit.

SCHEDULING: 14 days per 75,000 words
RATES* (AUD): $35 per 1000 words (or part thereof)



My combined editing package is a cost-effective and confidence-boosting option for self-publishing authors who would like to work closely and in conversation with their editor, as together we shape, cut and polish your manuscript through three rounds of revisions.

Authors who commit to this package receive a 10% discount on the rates of a content review, line edit and copyedit when they're booked as separate services. Returning clients receive a further 5% discount. This package also includes complimentary copyediting of the blurb plus front and back matter, valued at $50.

SCHEDULING: 14 days per 75,000 words (per editing round)
RATES* (AUD): $85 per 1000 words (or part thereof)



Last but never least, proofreading is your final line of defence against spelling, grammar, punctuation and spacing errors in your book. The way I work is a little different to many other editors who offer proofreading services, because I'm also an experienced typesetter.

If yours in an ebook, I'll proofread it on screen as it is intended to be read. If yours is a paperback, you have the option of requesting a proofread for not only technical and literal errors in the text, but also formatting mistakes. These can include kerning and tracking that is too tight or too loose, rivers, rags, stacks, widows and orphans. Printed proofreading services are charged at a higher rate.

Proofreading is one round of suggested changes and corrections using Track Changes in Microsoft Word, or proofreading marks in Adobe Acrobat. It does not include fact checking, line editing or copyediting.

Proofreading is the last stage of editing your work before publication. It is a very good idea to have "fresh eyes" proofread your book, that is, an editor who hasn't read your manuscript before.

SCHEDULING: 14 days per 75,000 words
RATES* (AUD): $30 per 1000 words (or part thereof)


For some authors, a professional manuscript review or edit of the first three chapters^ of a manuscript will be enough to set the wheels in motion for a more thorough self-edit. Opting for a partial edit can be a cost-effective way for you to see how a professional editor might manage your manuscript, and it will likely highlight any recurring concerns in your writing that, when pointed out, you'll be able to fix yourself. Armed with my review of your first three chapters, and using my comments and corrections as guides, you can apply the recommendations to the remainder of your book.

(^maximum 10,000 words)


Authors who intend to pursue traditional publishing opportunities will likely be required to submit a query letter, synopsis and the first chapter of their book to literary agents, publishing houses or acquiring editors for their consideration. This process can be intimidating for even the most seasoned writers—how do you distill an 80,000-word epic into a single page? Or, worse, a short and snappy logline? A professional editor can help you refine and improve these documents.

My traditional publishing submission assessment package includes a content review and copyediting of your query letter, synopsis and first chapter (up to 3,000 words). It is one round of comments and questions, suggested changes and corrections using Track Changes in Microsoft Word, plus a complimentary round of copyediting after you've revised your materials and are ready to submit.

RATES* (AUD): $300


Make sure the front matter, back matter and blurb are as polished as the rest of your pages. This add-on package includes copyediting of the copyright page, additional titles page, dedication, contents page, foreword, acknowledgements, author biography, book cover, cover blurb, ad material and other back matter common to ebooks and self-published titles.

RATES* (AUD): $50 with any editing service


I'm a trained recipe editor, and have 15 years' experience editing nutrition and food content in books and magazines. If yours is a book about how to create deliciousness in the kitchen, get in touch for more information.

RATES* (AUD): $50 per 1000 words (or part thereof)


If you have an idea for a book but no time to write it, you may want to hire me as your ghostwriter. This means that while we'll work together on the concept and general content of your book, extracting as much juicy goodness as we can via interviews and research, I'll craft the words on your behalf. This type of working relationship is popular with CEOs who want to communicate their vision or position themselves as experts in their field and business owners with important life lessons to share, as well as anyone who wants to record their personal history as a written memoir, either for their own records or to one day share with the world.

RATES* (AUD): on application


Micro Mentorships are designed to help writers who would like to improve their stories and writing skills with the support of an experienced editor. Over 5, 10, 20 or 40 hours, we work together via live documents, email and phone to refine your craft and increase your confidence.

I don't like to start mentorships with prescribed content or a course outline, specific instruction or predetermined milestones, because one size doesn't fit all. Every author is different. Instead, I'll ask you about your circumstances, your book, your experience and your dreams, and we'll decide together on the outcomes you'd like to achieve during your mentorship.

For example, some of the writing techniques, challenges and goals I can support you with are:

  • plotting, planning and preparing to succeed
  • workshopping, brainstorming and accountability
  • voice, character and dialogue
  • querying traditional publishers
  • books and the business of self-publishing

Micro Mentorships are prepaid blocks of 5, 10, 20 or 40 hours of my time. This covers:

  • reading, reviewing, email correspondence and phone conversations
  • sample edits on selected sections of your book
  • editorial guidance and support
  • print and ebook production and self-publishing assistance
SCHEDULING: 5, 10, 20 or 40-hour mentorships
RATES* (AUD): from $375


My custom gift certificates are just what the editor ordered for authors working on a manuscript or studying to improve their craft. If you have a writer in your life and there's a special day coming up, a gift certificate for editing services or mentoring is a thoughtful and practical way to spoil them and support their work and their dreams. Get in touch and we can create a package to suit the author, the occasion and your budget.


Ready to find out more?

First, have a good look at my Frequently Asked Questions page. Then, if you'd like to talk more about working together, enquire now via email.

Before I can send you a project proposal (including a start date and deadline) with a finalised fee structure, I'll need to see a synopsis and 500-word sample of your manuscript. This allows me to make an informed recommendation on the type of editing that would most benefit your book, ensure that my rates for that editing are fair to both of us, and estimate the time it will take to complete your project. This process also ensures that my services and experience are suited to your writing style and story genre, and helps you decide if I'm the right editor for your work.

Rates and payments

*Rates are subject to change based on a sample of your manuscript. To obtain a written quote for your project, please send me an email and I'll be touch.

A services contract, including confidentiality agreement, will be issued to all clients, and clients will be billed immediately upon signing by both parties. Payment terms are 50% of total fee (non-refundable) to be settled before work begins, and the balance settled upon completion of work, before transfer of edited materials.

Rates are quoted and invoiced in Australian dollars, and prices for international customers may change according to exchange rates.