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Kris FrankenWho is Kris Franken?

Kris Franken is a spiritual writer, wildhearted speaker and creatrix with a degree in psychology and sociology. She’s an eternal student of the intuitive arts and a devoted spiritual seeker. Kris is the author of a stunning range of oracle cards, as well as a Soulful Journal and The Intuitive Playbook. Kris adores tree hugging, diving in the ocean, transcendental meditation, anything chocolate, tulsi tea, heart dance, yoga, and laughs like it’s a competitive sport. She lives in paradise in Byron Bay, Australia.

You can buy Kris's gorgeous cards - Love + Light oracle cards, Joyful Abundance manifesting cards, Daily Affirmations cards and Soul to Soul conversation starter cards - via her website. Follow Kris on Instagram here.

Writing has always been a part of me. Pen to paper is my therapy, a portal to my inner emotional well. It’s how I dive deep to learn more about myself and the universe. It’s also my favourite way of communicating with the world. For me, writing is always considered, often poetic, wildly inspiring and deeply satisfying.

I have three full days a week when both kids are at school and I have space to write. This is precious time, and I lap it up. I find it difficult to write when anyone else is close by, especially one or two small, chatty children. I have no set routine, just an intuitive, daily rhythm that I honour as best I can. I’m often sidetracked with social media or quick trips to the beach, but I’ve made peace with that, as I can’t stare at a Word document forever.

I do, however, have a little ritual that I love before I start writing. I burn some incense, make a bowl of snacks, pull an oracle card and play some easy instrumental music on Spotify.

My job requires something different from me every day, and as a restless Gemini, that’s the way I like it. I have a little desk set up in a nook in our living room. My desk is cluttered two minutes after I clean it, often sprinkled with candles, crystals, hand creams, jewellery, cards and too many notebooks to ever keep track of. Each day I show up, try to make it through my list, have a heap of fun, and give thanks for this amazing job.

Storytelling is a big part of my world. I love to hear and read stories because they make me feel so intrinsically connected to all of humanity while shaping my life profoundly, so I make sure I tell my stories, too. Storytelling activates many areas of the brain, unlike telling someone what to do, which activates only one. This is why stories have such an impact, and the more specific, honest, and intricate the story, the bigger the impact it will have.

I recently finished writing a book that I have longed to complete for 18 months. It’s packed with advice and stories on living an intuitive life, and my intention is to release it next year. I’ve also written oracle, affirmation, conversation and manifesting cards, which were a dream to write and bring to life with my publisher. On one hand, I have a book of 60,000 words, and on the other, cards with eight to 50 words. Both kinds of writing are a challenge that I have thoroughly enjoyed, as they bring out my deepest inner creativity.

Words on paper create a legacy. You can save them, keep them, and tuck them away for later. They linger in your mind and heart long after you read them. You can pass them around, inspire your people, and relive them at any time. Each word has a particular and powerfully unique energy. This is what I adore playing with most of all—the energy of sentences, phrases and ideas, like little puppets in a play, dropping different words in and seeing which one fits best.

If you’re looking for your purpose and your why, your personal ikigai, keep playing. Don’t search too hard or seek to copy others in what they do, this is a personal journey, one that requires play and pleasure to discover.

Your purpose is about how you live each day, not about finding the perfect job for you. So go inwards, ask your heart for the next step, and even if it doesn’t make sense, take it.

Follow the voice of love and you’ll live your purpose every single day, in wondrously, serendipitously, heartfelt ways.

Once you’ve found your thing, the best way to keep it alive is by devoting to it while also giving it time to breathe. It’s a balance that changes each day. Let it come to you and move through you, don’t try to force into being a certain way. Let it flow like a river through all the corners of your life, let it surprise you and take you on adventures, and let yourself make mistakes with it.

If you’re not sure where to start, help others in a way that feels really good. That’s the best plan for any life worth living.

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