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samantha brennan Okay, here's the official spiel...

Samantha Brennan is a professional print and digital words-person. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Writing and Media) from Macquarie University and has spent 15 years working in publishing, marketing and corporate communications as a writer, copyeditor and content specialist for magazines, creative agencies and government. Samantha’s portfolio is particularly strong on food, health and wellbeing, interiors and women’s lifestyle, and it’s been a solid platform for her marketing work as a content writer and strategist. As a university lecturer, Samantha designed and delivered the food, travel and lifestyle writing unit coursework for Macleay College’s inaugural Bachelor of Journalism program. Most recently, she’s been creating content in the context of customer experience.


Now that's done, on with the book stuff!

I’ve always been an obsessive reader. If a story includes magic, or is part of a series (the bigger, the better), or was written by an author with a few books on the shelf (because if I liked the first one, you can bet I’ll want more), then I’m in.

My nine-year-old self was no different. As evidence, I submit my nineties-era collections of The Babysitters Club, Judy Blume, Enid Blyton and Goosebumps. (Well, I would, except they were given to Vinnies WHEN I WASN’T LOOKING. Am I scarred by that? Of course not. Not at all.)

(Let me also state for the record that when nine-year-old Sam made imaginary plans to run away from home, she never packed spare socks. Instead, she counted how many books would fit into her pink plastic vanity case and estimated how much time they’d buy her in the big bad world. It was never long enough and, more to the point, she couldn't bear to leave any books behind.)

At age 13, I inherited my grandfather’s copies of David Eddings’ The Belgariad, and down the rabbit hole I fell. If it’s not fantasy in my hands, I’m probably reading women’s fic. I’ll never say no to a good autobiography and, with two kids at home (also shameless bookworms so I’m one proud mama), there's a shelf (or six) of favourite picture and chapter books I read on regular repeat.

I've worked as a writer and editor for 15 years, but it took me a long time to feel brave enough to try my hand (or keyboard) at fiction. Now, I'm juggling a few projects (middle grade fantasy, YA fantasy and commercial women's fiction) in various stages of development. You can find out more about them all here.

In 2019, I won the Just Write For Kid's 2019 Pitch It! competition for my middle grade fantasy novel, and in early 2020, I signed with Australian literary agent Annabel Barker of the Annabel Barker Agency.

And because you'll never convince me there's such a thing as too many books or too many stories, I also edit manuscripts for self-publishing and querying authors. If you'd like to work with me, get in touch to find out more.

In the rare hours I’m not reading, writing or kid-wrangling, I’m usually watching bad nineties television, scoffing dark chocolate, scrolling through my social feeds and coming up with new reasons why I can’t exercise today.

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