Hi, I'm Sam, and I'm the author of big-hearted stories about magic, witches and girl power for children and young adults.

I'm also a professional editor and writer, with more than fifteen years of experience in Australian publishing.

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Books by Samantha Brennan

Samantha Brennan is the author of magical books for children and young adults. She is represented by the Annabel Barker Agency.

Content by Samantha Brennan

Samantha Brennan is an established editorial and content writer who specialises in long-form features and short-form content for food, lifestyle and travel mastheads, publishers and brands.

Editing for self-publishing and querying authorsby Samantha Brennan

Editing by Samantha Brennan

Hiring a publishing professional to edit your work is an important and significant investment in your writing career—and if you plan to write more than one book, it's an investment you'll make more than once. Samantha offers manuscript assessments, content reviews, line editing, copyediting, proofreading and more to self-publishing authors as well as authors who want to query traditional publishers.

Take a look around her website to learn more about her editing services and discover if she's the right freelance book editor for you.

Fiction Editing Portfolio

Almost sixteen, Elita White is finally at Lupine Academy where she belongs and ready to Shift for the first time when a devastating discovery turns her whole life upside down. Distressed but determined, she scrambles to uncover the truth, only to inadvertently unleash devastation on her Pack. Far from her new home, Elita is faced with a decision that will change not only her own destiny, but the fate of the world. That is, if she can make it out alive…

"Wolf of Choice" is the first book in The Shifters and Sorceresses Trilogy, a young adult epic fantasy series.

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Wolf of Choice by Shay Laurent
Content Review + Copyedit by Samantha Brennan

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Riley Quinn loves her quirky great-grandmother, but her superstitions are seriously irritating. Grams may believe in lucky silver jewelry and beautiful demons who hunt humans in the night, but Riley knows it’s all nonsense. Until Seth Callaghan arrives in town. Riley’s best friend, sexy surfer Finn O’Brien, begs her to ignore the new guy. Grams demands she stay away. Yet Riley is magnetically drawn to the sweet seduction of Seth’s charms. But all is not what it seems. Soon, Riley finds herself swept up in a supernatural world beyond her understanding. Secrets and lies. Magic and power. Vampires and temptation. Life… and death.

"Love / Luck" is the first book in The Magic of the Vampire saga, a young adult paranormal romance series.

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Love / Luck by Samantha MacKenzie
Interior Design + Production Management by Samantha Brennan

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Micro Mentorships by Samantha Brennan

Samantha's Micro Mentorships are designed to help writers who would like to improve their stories and writing skills with the support of an experienced editor. Over 30 days, you'll work with Sam via email and Zoom to refine your craft and increase your confidence. Some of the goals Sam can support you with include Plotting, Planning and Preparing to Succeed; Workshopping, Brainstorming and Accountability; and Books and the Business of Self-Publishing.

Editing by Samantha Brennan

Planners for authors

Printable resources for authors are available now at Samantha's Etsy store. Click through to check out what's new and stay tuned for more downloadable templates that help you write, edit and finish your book, including word count calendars, writing sprint trackers, story planners, plotting work sheets, self-editing checklists, production schedules and more.

Courses for editors

Samantha's upcoming self-paced, online course Recipe Editing teaches editors how to prepare and polish recipe content to a professional standard for traditional and digital publishing. It's also the perfect development course for lifestyle writers, bloggers and brands that use food content across their content strategies and marketing collateral. Recipe editing requires specialist knowledge and skill, but it can all be learned. Enrolments open soon!